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The London congestion charge is a fee for some motorists entering the Central London area. As of 2007 it is the largest city to have adopted a congestion charge model. The organisation responsible for the charge is Transport for London (TfL), with Capita Group operating the scheme under contract. A payment of £10 is required each day when a chargeable vehicle enters the congestion charge zone between 7am and 6pm with a penalty payment required for non payment. The zone came into operation on 17 February 2003 and was extended into parts of West London on 19 February 2007 (The western extension has now been removed, see here the current congestion charge zone). The aims of the charge are to discourage the use of private cars, reduce congestion, and provide investment in public transport.

The scheme was the first large scale one in the United Kingdom and has been controversial with reported effects not only on traffic levels, but business activity and the local environment. Worldwide several cities have used the London scheme as a model for possible schemes.